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OctoMaze –Puzzle / Arcade genre game for mobile/tablet/PC running on the iOS / Android/Windows platform.

OctoMaze is a breath of fresh air in the puzzle genre. Gameplay based on the use of a unique new game mechanics – you solve puzzles using the octopus’ tentacles. With it, you can both destroy enemies and collect items / objects while avoiding the death of a tentacle. It’s a lot of fun and has an interesting twist on the puzzle genre. It’s not just an age-old puzzle game with a fancy skin slapped on, it’s a unique and creative take on the puzzle genre at whole (with a fancy skin slapped on).

Playing OctoMaze you can find elements reminding gameplay of such famous old games – Snake, Oil’s Well, Anteater, Bomberman, Sokoban, Frogger, Tapper, etc...

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