The one of the main obstacle for the player are all sorts of parasites living in a particular location. Visually, they can look in the form of harmful creatures that produce toxic gases / eating our coins, etc.). All enemies are depicted in a minimalist style and with obvious signs of aggression on his face.  During the levels walkthrough the player will encounter with various enemies who will strongly interrupt octopus tentacles. Each enemy is different in their appearance as well as in their behavior (mechanics), for example:

Normal type of the enemy (so called blue enemy), who is static in one “cells” on level and cause damage only when we touch him by tentacle.

A static enemy that can emit a foul-smelling gas (so called green enemy), at a certain distance (e.g., 3 * 3 cells of the playing field). The emission of gas is carried out automatically after a certain time (for example, every 5 sec.).

Similar to the previous type of enemy, but in this case he has own movement trajectory on the location (so called red enemy).

The enemy who moves on the level and lays eggs (so called yellow enemy). From each egg after a while ordinary static enemy was born. This type of enemy is rather dangerous, due to help of breed another kind of enemies. Based on this – the player needs to destroy this enemy as quickly as possible before he did not put down more eggs.

The type of enemy (so called thief), that does not damage the octopus, but move around the level and eats useful stuffs (coins, collections, etc.). The color of the thief’s eyes changes if he leaves the prescribed route from lilac to red


Also, the speed of enemies movement may vary depending on the level of complexity.


The player on his way, except the enemies, will also meet various obstacles that he will need to evade or destroy. These types include:

  • Ordinary wall (septum) – the most common type of obstacles, which does not damage octopus tentacles. Walls are used to partition the cells at the level (creating a maze), through which octopus tentacles and enemies can’t pass.
  • Wall with spikes – in case of contact with the tentacles they make fatal damage.
  • Flame Thrower – produces a flame of fire within a certain distance (e.g., 3-4 cells). This type of barriers can be used with rotating walls.
  • Centerpiece – They rotate at a frequency N (for example, every 5 seconds, there is a turn). Ordinary wall, Wall with spikes, Flame thrower can be attach to centerpiece.
  • Obstacles that obscure the cells on the playing field. This type of obstacle is divided into three sub-categories:
  • Web – prevents the transparency of the cells so that the player could not see what is underneath. The player can pass the tentacle through this type of obstacles, but this action is dangerous, because the player does not know what is on a particular cell with web – enemy, obstacle or useful objects?
  • Sand – completely blocks the cell, through which the tentacle can’t pass. To release the cells from the sand the player will need to put turret on tentacles, which will help the player to dig a passage into N cells, or use the bonus “bomb” that would blast the region of N * N cells.
  • Stone – similar to sand, but in this case only bomb can help because the turret is not able to dig through rock.
  • Meteorites can fly from time to time from the left / right side of the screen to the other side destroing tentacles on his way.
  • Crates – moveable object which can be transpose by tentacle. Crate can be used for stop enemies and laser beam as well as be put in Tile Hole due to collect some stuff or give tentacle possibility to pass Tile Hole.
  • Tile Hole – one cell which consist empty space. Coin and other collectables can be inside Tile Hole. In order to collect them the player needs to push crate into Tile Hole. It is also allows tentacle to pass through Tile Hole, because tentacle can’t pass through empty Tile Hole.
  • Close Tile – one cell which can’t be used/passed
  • Surprising Tile – one hidden cell which can consist some stuff inside for example – enemies, crates, coin, buttons, etc.
  • Lasers – there are stationary and movable (based on crates mechanic) lasers. Lasers is divided into three types – Laser source, Laser mirror and laser Receiver (always stationary). Tentacle can pass through laser Receiver, but can’t pass through Laser source and Laser mirror. Besides of this three types of laser beams are possible (it does not matter for stationary or movable  lasers):

o         Activator – only allow to activate laser receiver/can’t harm tentacle

o          Destroyer – kill tentacle/can’t activate laser receiver

o          Both – activate the laser receiver and kill tentacle

  • Drones – mechanics creatures which attacked background from bottom direction
  • Lightning Arc – this lightning can be stationary or rotating and killing tentacle

It is planned to use different techniques depending on the type of obstacles or enemies to fight against them: use of the bonuses, pick up the power-ups or just pass by