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OctoMaze –Puzzle / Arcade genre game for mobile/tablet/PC running on the iOS / Android/Windows platform.

OctoMaze is a breath of fresh air in the puzzle genre. Gameplay based on the use of a unique new game mechanics – you solve puzzles using the octopus’ tentacles. With it, you can both destroy enemies and collect items / objects while avoiding the death of a tentacle. It’s a lot of fun and has an interesting twist on the puzzle genre. It’s not just an age-old puzzle game with a fancy skin slapped on, it’s a unique and creative take on the puzzle genre at whole (with a fancy skin slapped on).

Playing OctoMaze you can find elements reminding gameplay of such famous old games – Snake, Oil’s Well, Anteater, Bomberman, Sokoban, Frogger, Tapper, etc. BTW some well-known games have roots/influence in old games game mechanics. For example, Crossy Road from Frogger, Plants vs. Zombies from Tapper, but it was only one game mechanic. The uniqueness of OctoMaze lies in the number of different game mechanics it combines.

Let me quote Sydney Butler: “The game’s aesthetic harkens back to the good old days of PC puzzle games.”

Another thing makes the game stands out from competition is combination of core gameplay and meta. Strong story behind the game – priceless artifacts were stolen long ago from octopus tribe by their eternal rivals – disgusting parasites. These parasites infested entire realm since then. To stop parasites from spreading and save the tribe, artifacts have to be returned, or everything is lost. Young octopus Aristotle has spent years in search, becoming quite an adventurer. Now, yet another of the artifacts is located, keys are found and another chapter is about to end soon… or is it?

To reach his goal, our character will move step by step, exploring many areas, rich with all sorts of enemies and cunning traps. During the journey, Aristotle will get closer and closer to getting artifact in his …tentacles. Finding entire collection is player’s goal and long-term motivation.

In order to realize his intentions, Aristotle needs a reliable way of getting around. Artifacts are scattered through known space, so spaceship “Octopus One” was chosen for the job, waiting for launch in the spaceport.

On his journey, our hero will face many obstacles and enemies. The path to the starship lies through various areas: forest, junkyard, city, ocean, laboratory and final destination – space. The main objective of the game is for the player utilizing octopus’s tentacles, to successfully pass various levels, thus gaining as many points as possible, killing parasites on the way. Also during the process, a player can find other useful and hostile objects for the protagonist to interact with. The game takes place in a variety of pseudo-real locations, which have partially fantasy elements.