Using items the player can pass levels more easily and can to get better score.

The use of items in the game process occurs using drag and drop (drag items from the lower panel on the playing field).

Types of items:

Traps – delays enemies movement for N time

Bombs – blast cells with sand / stone. Radius N * N cells.

Mines – explode the enemy in cage with mine.

Freeze – freezes for certain time enemies / obstacles within a radius of N * N cells.

Scissors – able to cut cage with web.

Items can locate only on the level. It is enough to touch them by tentacles for activation / use (thus we will pick up or activate the items).

Object types

Scissors – able to cut cage with web.

Teleport – allows you to move our tentacle from one cell to another. Teleport also capable of moving enemies.

Drill – capable to drill cage with web or sand. Acts on N-cells.

Activated button

Capable to activate various things, like a flamethrower

Red button – for example by putting tentacle/crate over them. This object tightly tied to other objects. Buttons can be used in three modes:

  • Single Use (this button (it is correct for all color button) can’t return to initial state after being pressed by tentacle/crate) ;
  • Quest trigger (amount of pressed buttons/only white used in Quests);
  • Reversed ( used to count unpressed buttons/only white used in Quests).

Blue button – to control teleports

Green button – to control a centerpiece

Purple button – to show a hidden enemy

White button – as explained above

Other objects on the levels

In addition to enemies, obstacles, and power-ups there are a number of other objects with which the player can interact or collect. These objects include:

Coins – a game currency that can be collected in the level by touching by a tentacle. All coins can be in various nominals, e.g..

1 – Bronze

2 – Silver

3 – Gold


In order to pass the level, the player must pass the quests specified in the upper left corner of this level. There are the following types of quests:

  • collect coins at a specified value
  • to kill a specified number of enemies of the specified type
  • to kill a certain number of eggs laid by the yellow enemy
  • to press or vice versa to release a certain number of white buttons